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Buy Custom Essays and Fulfill Your Dream

Just imagine this situation: you are a really talented and enthusiastic student, majoring in physics, with a big dream to win the Nobel prize and do something good for the whole globe. You meet other requirements for your dream college except one—essay writing skills. It is no secret that your writing skills should be higher… Read More →

Best Psychology Studies to Make Your Life Better

Amazingly, how many examples of psychology studies can improve our lives? Nowadays, psychology can offer easy strategies for people to reach their goals, strengthen relationships, learn to make better decisions, and simply become happier. In the post below, we prepared simple examples of psychological studies you can apply in your life.

How to Answer Interview Questions Like a Boss

Throughout your college years, you will go to a vast variety of interviews where you will be answering interview questions. As a student, you may be interviewed for part-time, full-time,student employee position, or even college internships. Therefore, if you don’t want to fail in front of your potential employer, it is important to prepare yourself for… Read More →

How to Find Money for Studying in US (Part 1)

One of the biggest problems of getting a place in US college, is the cost of educational program. American colleges and universities set their fees according to paying capacity of their local residents. The average tuition fee for a bachelor program in the US costs $$ 8.000-18.000, but some colleges may cost up to $… Read More →

History Essay Sample – The Biggest Lies In History

What are some biggest lies in history that are still being taught in modern day schools? Some researchers call American flights to the Moon the greatest mystification of the twentieth century (possibly the greatest mystification of the history). At least video recording and photos of the landing on the Moon raises many questions. Researchers Ralph… Read More →