Privacy Policy

Below you will find the description of personal data we gather every time you visit our web-site.

The data that we gather is used only for improving and customizing the content of our web pages according to our customers’ personal preferences. We do not reveal the collected personal data to any third parties.

Data gathered as you browse our website

Our web server collects statistical information, including your IP address, operating system, the kind of browser you are using and access times. Cookies can sometimes be used for customizing the web content, based on the above mentioned information.

About Cookies

Cookies are text files that are used for identifying your computer to our server. Cookies identify only the computer you are using, not the individual using it. They are used by a lot of websites to monitor visitor traffic.

Cookies collect data about the areas of a website a user visits, and the time the visitor spends on a particular page. Users can modify cookie settings on their browser to accept all cookies or not to receive them at all, or to receive notifications every time a cookie is used. Declining cookies may disable the use of some personalized services.

Use of optional information

You may also be asked to give your personal data on some web pages, such as you e-mail address, name, contact details, etc. This information is never revealed to third parties and is only used for the purposes of communicating with the clients as the order progresses. Demographic data is usually used for the purposes of market research.

To respond to your request or feedback we use only your personal contact information. We do not share, sell or disclose such information to third parties.

Future developments

We suggest you to check this and other policies from time to time, as we post any changes or modifications in the corresponding policies. Be up-to-date.


There is a set of security measures, that help to make sure that none of the information, we gather from you, is altered, abused or lost.

Links Disclaimer

Our Web-site may provide links to other web sites or some government agencies. However, our company is not liable for their you content or products, as well as opinions, services, policies or view points. Each Web-site is regulated by the web site’s policies (Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, etc.)

Disclosures prohibited

Use of information from employers or employees, according to this policy, is to be exclusive. The information is inaccessible to the public or any court, in any action of proceeding pending therein. Such information can only be revealed to the parties affected, or at the customer’s discretion, to the parties that might be affected.

Will our privacy policy change in the future?

As we continuously work on improving our customer service and the Web-site, our policies continue to develop. As a result, novelties may take place. Thus, we make sure our Privacy Policy is always updated. And because of that, we advise you to keep track of this policy and visit this web-page from time to time.

Access to information

You can request our service to provide the personal information we hold about you. Additionally, you can ask for any inaccuracies to be edited, so that the personal information we hold about you is always up-to-date. These requests carry the price of $35. Upon such requests, we provide you with access to your personal information, subject to the conditions of the Data Protection Act 1998. Contact our support team any time, to make such a request.