Have Control over Your MBA Admission Essay

More than likely, most business schools will ask you to answer MBA essays questions, but this may differ from school-to-school. Some programs will require that you submit only one personal statement where you discuss your past experience and future goals. Meanwhile, others will ask you to answer to five or even more questions on different… Read More →

Essay Sample: Apple-Samsung Patent Wars

Is a Damaged Reputation Bad for Sales? Apple and Samsung are two technological giants in the field of Information technology. Apple is the largest customer of Samsung on B2B market and Samsung is one of the largest Apple’s suppliers. Apple buys microprocessors, flash-memory chips, iPhone and iPad screens, application processor and other components from Samsung…. Read More →

Education Startups Which Radically Change Education

Nowadays, technology affects every aspect of our lives. Look at how everything is different from a decade ago, from reading and studying, to the way we make purchases and communicate. Currently, education is facing an exceptional technological transformation. The education field has a lot of potential for growth in the digital market. Moreover, investment in… Read More →

Cute Dorm Room Ideas

With autumn coming soon, we anticipate a new year of dorm life for freshman students. College is a unique time when you can spend several years in the same building with all your friends, and that time is invaluable. However, dorm rooms can sometimes seem less than desirable. Even a dorm room in poor condition,… Read More →

Create the Academic Portfolio of Your Dreams

A document that represents a structured record of a student’s academic works and consists of his/her achievements and developments is called an academic portfolio. It includes a collection of scholarly documents that demonstrate your development as a student throughout an academic quarter or grading period. In addition, the student portfolio always includes reflective essays. While… Read More →

College Productivity Tips from Successful Figures

Every successful student aspires to increase productivity to manage all college issues well. If you want to be more productive, you don’t have to accomplish as much as you can, you have to do more than that. Therefore, we have prepared these productivity tips from successful people to help you succeed during college.

Buy Custom Essays and Fulfill Your Dream

Just imagine this situation: you are a really talented and enthusiastic student, majoring in physics, with a big dream to win the Nobel prize and do something good for the whole globe. You meet other requirements for your dream college except one—essay writing skills. It is no secret that your writing skills should be higher… Read More →