Top 10 Campus Locations for Studying

Sometimes, finding quiet and comfortable places to study your homework may become a challenge. If you are not lucky to have a quiet roommate, one day you might need a place to change your study routine.

  1. Check out the undergraduate library. Find out if there is a possibility for renting a study room or carrel. You can also get to a floor that remains unvisited. Look through the tables and choose one behind a wall or in a quiet corner. Surely, you will find little places that will help you concentrate on your tasks.
  2. Search the quiet places in the graduate libraries. Choose one of the specialized libraries: law, business or medical to change the scenery. Comfortable furniture and noiseless study rooms are the common order of things, and you will reduce the chances of meeting your friends.
  3. Look for small specialized libraries. Usually, large colleges have several little libraries around the campus. You may ask the librarians from the main library about the directory and choose the most quiet place.
  4. Visit the campus coffee house. If your studying is more productive when you hear background noise and have distractions all around, a coffee house may be a good place to study at.
  5. Go to the college lawn. If the weather is fine, you can just sit on the grass and study in the fresh air. To avoid the chances of meeting your friends, go to the area of campus your friends don’t usually visit.
  6. Search empty classrooms. You always can occupy a free classroom, but before you put your stuff on the table, make sure that there won’t be any classes in a couple of hours.
  7. Check out the computer labs on the campus. It’s not obligatory to use the computer in the class, just take your laptop, papers and have a seat at the table. Feel free to enjoy the calm atmosphere with the lack of noise.
  8. Visit the dining room in the off hours. This room becomes chaotic only during the lunch time. But other times, it’s usually a quite and peaceful study place. As a bonus, you have an opportunity to choose the largest table and a have a meal during studying.
  9. Drop in at a learning/writing/tutoring center. Usually, campuses provide places for students that work on particular projects. Find out if it’s possible to work a couple of hours there in the time free of meeting your team members.
  10. Look for large places that aren’t in use. Music halls and college theaters are often not in use. These areas are a free of distractions and noise, and reading the book for the essay may be delightful and inspiring.