40 Unique Psychology Essay Topics

Writing an essay is not easy,  for example, you may get lost in the variety of possible topics. Our team has created a list of the most interesting psychology topics to write about. John Nash as the embodiment of “the unique people” in society. What is self-knowledge? Factors that form a successful person. Loneliness: isolation… Read More →

Example of Research Paper on Abortion 

Lots of articles, researches, books, movies and commercials appear every year. These works present abortion as an undoubted murder of unborn human with all its consequences. Conceiving means emergence, and in case of pregnancy, conceiving is the appearance of new life. And if the act has occurred, then any interruption will mean the murder. But… Read More →

Example of Compare and Contrast Essay on Leadership

Leadership and Management The leader is one who goes in a new direction or passes a familiar way the best way possible and engages others in this process. What is “management” and who is the manager? Manager – a person that is entitled to distribute powers between subordinates and has the right to inspect and… Read More →

Ethics Essay Sample

Kantian Moral Theory Kant provides a kind of revolution in philosophy and lays the foundation for understanding the philosophy as a special kind of science. Trying to prove a new theory of knowledge, he has been critical of previous empirical theories of XVII – XVIII centuries. Treating knowledge as a kind of replica of life…. Read More →

Tips for Better Ethical Dilemma Essay

Dilemma is a problem of choosing one of opposite solutions, when realization of one solution may destroy the other important one. We face ethical dilemmas every day, and we solve them with the principe of lesser evil. But the dilemmas of bigger range may work on other principles. The most common ethical dilemmas in business sphere are: professional… Read More →

Check New Ethical Dilemma Essay Topics!

Our team has created a list of new topics about ethics of relations, medicine, religion and even business ethics topics! Check them out: Relationship and Reproduction Problems in relationships between man and woman. How to avoid aggression to family and friends. The laws of love, the main problems of young lovers. Change of terms “marriage”… Read More →