10 Sparkling Ideas for Creative Writing 

Sometimes happens that muse doesn’t want to make a visit. But we have a little aid – read our creative writing topics with description and get inspired!

1. Teachers.


Describe the most memorable teacher that had happened on your life path. It’s not necessary, that the person is a school teacher or a college tutor. Maybe your friend or even stranger, one day, had influenced on you dramatically. Tell about lessons that gave you the life through people. Also you can tell the case if you became a teacher for someone.

2. Not losing the hope.


Describe the person that battled a hard disease or have disabilities. Tell about difficulties they faced and how they kept they reached the success. Maybe the persons have found themselves in art, sports or music? How do you think, what thoughts came to their minds and what they felt?

3. Napoleon complex.


Describe an authoritative person at workplace that turns the peaceful life of subordinates in unbearable. What made him cause such a dislike and leave long nasty memory? Create a character that will find an approach and change the tyrant.

4. An epiphany.


War. You describe the life of ordinary soldier. Describe the beautiful and green forest or a meadow. Soldier is enjoying the beauty of nature. Suddenly an enemy appears into view and the soldier should kill for the first time. What he thinks? What happens next?

5. I will always be with you.


A young woman has recently buried her husband. Relatives and friends support her, but she feels the pain and loneliness. One day she finds her husband at home late at night. And their continued meeting every night. But at every sunrise he should go. How the story ends?

6. Predawn thoughts.


Get up till the sun rises up. Take a pen and start writing your mudflow. There is a rumor that sunrise meet life and death. Describe it.

7. My hour of triumph.


The story is about a woman that becomes seriously ill. She passes all stages of treatment, but doctors can’t help. Suddenly she meets an old woman and realizes that only a prayer for others may help her.

8. A grain of sand.


Millions of years a grain of sand dozed in the ground. Once a strong wind picked up a grain of sand in the air. She saw the bright sun, white clouds, green grass, heard the birds singing and sounds of the forest.

9. An Elevator.


Describe the life of elevator in a house, hotel, hospital or an office building as if it was alive.

10. A photo.


Pick up or imagine a photo of two friends when they were young. Describe their lives when the ways parted and what interesting case happened that they reunited after a long separation.