10 Super Tips to Do Your Exam!

It is no secret good preparation before the exam will raise your chances of getting the A grade for college tests, but there are a few tips that can improve your scores on the examination day. The key to the success is to be prepared, not only technically, but also mentally and physically for the examination process, so you will feel confident and do your best.

  1. Eat healthy the day of and the day before the exam. Eat familiar and fresh foods, to be confident in your good feelings during the exam. In addition, eat enough not to feel the hunger, but do not overeat, as you may feel nauseous. If your night before the test was sleepless, do not neglect the caffeine in the morning, but have only one or two cups!
  2. Don’t forget a watch! Wear it before going to bed or put it on your bedside stand. At the examination, your watch may be the only source to monitor your time.
  3. Come to the examination class beforehand. This extra time gives you a good opportunity to concentrate and you will not distract yourself with worrying about being late for the test.
  4. Look through the test paper when you receive it. Try to determine how much time you need to complete the test. Make sure that you have taken enough time for essay questions. Set a time for every question and stick to it. If you will finish earlier, you have a greater opportunity to check your answers.
  5. Read the directions very attentively. Reread them several times. Pay close attention to the words of instructions such as illustrate or explain.
  6. If the question has multiple choice answers, try to answer them before reading the possible variants. These answers are more likely to be right.
  7. Start with the first easiest question you find. If you don’t feel confident with the question, just skip it. Later you may find the answers, while writing the essay question, or even when you read it the second time!
  8. Mark all skipped questions. Being in a hurry or being stressed may cause you to miss unanswered questions. So make sure to make a sign – a smiley face or star behind the question number.
  9. If you need to write terms or definitions, think about chapters and themes. If there are a couple of terms that you feel unsure about in a list of terms, start thinking about the chapter titles or major themes.
  10. Be positive and keep your nerves. Leave the doubts and just write your college test!

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