Advice for Students Who Become Sick

Young people often dream of going away to college and feeling independent for the first time in their lives. However, with independence come responsibilities, like taking care of your needs when you become sick. You should always complete your assignments and make good grades, even when you are not well enough to attend classes. However, don’t panic if you are too sick to attend! Simply accept our helpful advice, and you will not only recover from your illness after a few days of convalescence, but you will have no difficulty with making good grades while you do so.

Inform Your Instructor or Professor that You will be Absent Due to Illness

You should always notify your instructors in advance that you will be missing class and the reason why. You can do this conveniently by sending an email. However, if you have a major test or presentation that day, do your best to attend. If you simply cannot, you may need to visit the on-campus health care center or your doctor so that you can obtain medical documentation of your illness. That way, you are entitled to a make-up session for that major test or assignment.

Get Plenty of Rest

Even if you have a lot of work or a major event in a couple of days, just relax. The better you care for yourself from the very beginning of your sickness, the faster you will recover. If you ignore your health, the illness may worsen. Get a good night’s sleep, and surely you will wake up feeling better.

Drink Plenty of Fluids and Eat Healthy

Think back to when you were a child. What food and drink did your mother give you when you got sick? It may be quite difficult to eat healthy at college, but when you are sick, try to eat more fruits and vegetables. Also, drink warm tea and fruit juice.

Take Medicine

Even simple aspirin can produce wonders. Do not hesitate to ask a friend or roommate for help, such as running to the nearest drugstore for your needs.

Go to the College Health Center

If your illness lasts for more than a couple of days without improvement or if symptoms worsen, you should visit a doctor. The medical team at the health center will examine your symptoms, prescribe medication, and provide instructions.

Organize Your Time

If your sickness lasts for more than a couple of days, you may miss some assignments. Do your best to keep up with your classes and assignments given during your absence. Make a list of the tasks you should complete while you are recovering.

Notify your academic adviser or the student services office if your sickness lasts more than two days. You will need assistance if you miss classes due to sickness. Do not be too concerned, though. This can happen to anyone. Even so, it is always important to let your school and your instructors know when you must miss class. That way, they are aware of the circumstances, and they know you care about your education.