Analytical Essay Sample

Why It is so Important to Keep the Law

wpid-legal-scales3Have you ever thought about what the order means? The life of society is based on certain orders. People work, learn, have medical treatment, travel by cars, trains, ride bicycles, visit cinemas and shops. All these possible by adhering to established rules. Surely, sometimes rules are broken. But what that leads to? Rules are set so that people can live comfortably and safely, but any offence may end very bad.

Order is an absolute reliability as Pythagoras claimed. Human society needs the right arrangement. People understood this long ago and came up with legal laws – rules established by state. These rules must be followed by all. Person usually feel comfortable and calm, when the house is warm and light, when fridge is full of food, transport, shops, schools, hospitals work well, when the traffic rules are adhered. In other words, when country has an order.

freedom-550x358Unfortunately, there are people who break the laws. This is not only harmful but also very dangerous. For example, human violates traffic rules. This human interferes the normal life of citizens and sometimes pose a serious threat to the entire society. To maintain order, the state must take care not only of the new laws adoption. It is obliged to enforce existing laws and punish offenders.

Law and order are designed for the people’s freedom. The word “freedom” is used in a variety of values: freedom of movement, a free man, free space, free apartment, free speech, free territory, and so on. If you think about it, all these phrases have common sense. Philosophers believe that freedom means the absence of constraint, captivity, when person can act as wish. In general, freedom – this is a normal, natural state of human.

song_of_freedomSince we are talking about the laws, it is important to know the opinion of lawyers. Freedom is the ability to do everything that does not violate the law and does not cause harm to another. It turns out that freedom and human rights can not be boundless. As in this case, it becomes a lawlessness, arbitrariness and causes harm to the rights and freedoms of others.

People have only one way to avoid a human catastrophe – do not to cause harm to another. That is why law should be complied, because only laws can establish the limits of possible harmful behavior. These limits allow people to save the order, justice and freedom in society.