Are You Still Looking How to Do a Research Proposal?

For many people to write research proposals become a really hard work. But don’t think that there is one magic word that will make your work be done. Different people need various approach on their way of scientific success.

Proposal is not a paper about your finished research, it is a summary of your ideas and basic information about your future work. You should present your study, calculate the budget, set the timeline and write about your expectations from this project.
Even if you are a professional in one topic, but not good at writing, you should work hard. The following steps will help you to start writing your research proposal!

  1. Find some old research proposals at the library, or ask your tutor for some good examples. You will have an opportunity to see the structure of the paper and critique the positive and negative sides of the work. Mark them all and take into consideration during your future writing.
  2. Write the paper structure. Usually, the structure is similar in every university, but your department has it’s own vision on the paper structure and required points that should be covered in every research proposal.
  3. The average research paper has the following structure:
    a) Introduction. Write the basic information about your topic and why it is important. Try to be short and concrete, the additional details you will show in the body of paper.
    b) Rationale. This paragraph may be the hardest to write, as you should grab the readers attention with one catchy sentence. Ask yourself – what is the purpose of this research? Write down several research questions and pick the best one. Also you can ask your supervisor for advice.
    c) Justification. In this part you should describe how your research will can expand in a bigger one, or how it can help other researches. You should show the matter of your work in context of other chains of researches.
    d) Research question(s). Simply, we can name it a “check list.” Describe five or six steps you are planning to do during your project. But be careful, this steps should be doable and create the impression of workload.
    e) Methodology. This part may be the biggest. You can describe your philosophical position of the research and show the outline of overall mythology. Use the list from the previous part as a guide and describe the methods accordingly to it. Make sure you have a clear understanding how you will be doing your research and be ready to explain the methods. Illustrations and diagrams may be a good addition to this paragraph.
    f) Analysis. This part should explain the real contribution from your research, the list of outputs and their need in process. Don’t forget to link this paragraph with your rationale.
    g) Schedule. Describe your timetable for the research. You should plan the time for each part of the research. Pay attention, be realistic in your plans!
  4. Proofread your paper! Read it and put off for several days. Then proofread again. Every word should be perfect, so don’t neglect the assistance of your supervisor and friends.

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