Five Types of Professors You’ll Certainly Meet in College

Five Types of Professors You’ll Certainly Meet in College

We’ve all been there, sitting in class, listening to the professor, and had that déjà vu feeling about the professor. Well, most types of professors you’ll meet in college can be divided into several stereotypical groups. They include the following:

The Cool Professor

The cool professor is one of the best types of professors to have. With him, any boring subject becomes interesting. This type of professor is fun but strict with grading. He knows how to engage students and how to clarify difficult concepts. Cool professors may seem a little bit crazy, but they know exactly how to teach any subject.To successfully prepare for course exams, you should be very attentive and ask a number of thoughtful questions. Do not forget to visit during office hours. That is very important. The more you communicate with your professor, the more involved you’ll become in your learning. That can help you to understand the course material better, thus, make better grades.

The PowerPoint Professor

Everything that this professor tells you is written on PowerPoint slides. It is really difficult to understand why this professor can’t simply send the PowerPoint presentations to all the students and cancel the face-to-face classroom time. You obviously don’t want to be at that lecture, and neither does your professor. To pass the class, just show up and learn the information from the presentation.

The “You Shall Not Pass” Professor

This type of professor is extremely obstinate, doesn’t accept late assignments, provides grades without encouragement, covers the material very quickly, and assigns a substantial amount of homework. Moreover, you can forget about high grades with these kinds of college professors. The “You Shall Not Pass” Professor can be cool in ordinary life, but uses really ineffective teaching practices. These college professors do not give students an easy time. You should be prepared to accept that you may not pass the class with the grade that you want, even if you do your best.

The “Like a Boss” Professor

This professor is authoritative in nature. If you miss one class, he will remember it and may even kick you out of the course. If you are late, don’t even try to talk with him. If you accidentally miss a comma in you writing assignment, you can possibly get an “F.” This type of professor is a real pain. The classes are conducted with military precision, and not a single minute of time is wasted. The best consideration here is that the class is well-managed, so you will learn everything important by the end of the course. However, if you are a more liberal type of person, this class might be difficult for you. You may feel too limited by the rules, and your grades could suffer because of this.If you need more information about college then check out our related post about  things that you should know before going off to college.

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