History Essay Sample – The Biggest Lies In History

What are some biggest lies in history that are still being taught in modern day schools?

history-essay-sampleSome researchers call American flights to the Moon the greatest mystification of the twentieth century (possibly the greatest mystification of the history). At least video recording and photos of the landing on the Moon raises many questions.
Researchers Ralph Rene, David Percy and Mary Bennett formed their distrust in the clearest way. They cited a number of proofs confirming that the video recording was made not on the Moon, but in Hollywood (Nepomnashiy N.N., 2003). Here are these proofs:
-In the film of the landing on the Moon flag of USA wavers slightly, as if in the wind. It can’t be possible, because Moon has no atmosphere.
-The speed of stones flying from under the Moon research vehicle is the same as on the Earth, although the force of gravity on the satellite of our planet is 6 times less.
-Stars are absent on all lunar photos, although they have to shine much brighter than on Earth. As if video recording was made in the closed pavilion on the Earth without modeling of star sky.
-The shadows of objects should fall to one side because Sun is only one source of light on the Moon. But on the photos shadows are thrown in several directions. It means that special lighting for shooting was used, but it is impossible to use it on the Moon.
-No frame jitter. It’s possible to receive such effect only when you use large professional equipment, not the hand-held camera.

Clumsy attempts of NASA to answer these inaccuracies only intensify doubts.
However, it’s difficult to assume that such an ambitious lunar exploration program was an ordinary bluff (thousands of people and huge material resources were involved for its’ realization). There is also a number of facts which show that Americans have visited the Moon (Novikov, 2005):
-Intelligence of USSR was watching for American expedition all the time and it didn’t deny fact of the landing.
-Americans brought samples of lunar soil.
-Americans placed laser reflector on the Moon, which was used by scientists from different countries.
Acquainted with these facts, we can make conclusion that Americans really landed on the Moon, but at that time they didn’t have the technical capability to make video recording in such conditions. Therefore, the film of the landing is the greatest lie ever since as most likely it was shot on the Earth.


1.Nepomnashiy N.N., 100 great riddles of history, 2003.
2.Novikov S.V., Big historic encyclopedia, 2005.

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