How to Apply for Scholarships to Study Abroad for Free

study-abroad-tipsThere are many colleges and universities around the world, and if you are an undergraduate student or student from college, you have a great opportunity to apply to one of them and study abroad for free! So, begin making steps to study abroad with seeking grant or help scholarship.

Step 1

Get as much information as you can. Many scholarships remain unused every year because students are not informed about them. You can start your path by going to the financial aid office at your school or college and asking for information about scholarships available. Additionally, use this list of possible sources of information:

  • Contact federal agencies and state grant agencies. But remember that such information should be free, you don’t need to pay for such information.
  • Visit your library and ask for brochures or any kind of information.
  • Contact different organizations (religious, community, etc.), foundations, civic groups and businesses, as many grants are provided to certain groups.
  • Ask your parents or employer, as some companies provide scholarships.

Step 2

Apply for help scholarship early. Usually, college scholarship deadlines are one year before a program starts. If you are still in school, the best time to apply is summer between junior and senior year in high school. Even if you picked another time, keep searching for grants and don’t give up!

Step 3

Make sure that you have thoroughly understood the requirements and documents. Read them several times, as every scholarship has its own requirements.

Step 4

Get the money. This is the first variant—the check may be sent directly to you. Or the second one—the money can go directly to the college.