How to Write an Outstanding College Application

Time is passing by with a high speed, and even if you are a school senior, a deadline for writing a collage application will approach very soon. So start creating a college application that will be noticed.

Main Strategies for Writing an Outstanding University Application

Find Out the Qualification Criteria

Different colleges have a wide range of criteria they want to see in their future students. So you have a good opportunity to fit them all! Just look through the sites of colleges you like the most. Usually, you can find what is required on college websites in the common information section. Here, you can read common information about academic offerings, tutors, student life and admission criteria. For example, some universities weigh a college essay more heavily than class rank. Compare the chosen schools and pick 3–4 of them that fit your criteria the most.

Narrow Your Topic

The only way to let colleges know additional details about you is to write an essay, but try not to make a mistake and write a boring one. To make your essay more interesting, cover topics that are not already on your resume. For example, if you are a music student, instead of writing about your love for music, describe a stage in your life when you faced some difficulties and how you overcame them. Show your life experience and what good lessons and skills you have learned.

Be Brief

Now you need to show all the creativity you have to make your essay stand out from the others. You need to be brief, as nobody will read a five-page memoir about your life. Make lists, add dashes, circles, etc. Experiment with style and tone, as your essay will be read with tired eyes that have already read hundreds of flat essays.

Answer on the Main Question

Usually, colleges ask the same main question: “Why do you want to attend our college?” If you find your answer is suitable for any college, delete it immediately! Do some research about every college and highlight the unique opportunities they give to students. For example, you can tell about your experience in a volunteer center that inspired you to choose a psychology course and how the college program will help you to develop knowledge in this area.

Explain Your Weak Points

Don’t forget to explain any weak points that appear in your resume. For example, if you had bad grades in one semester because of a sickness, write about it in any case. Don’t let the admissions officers come up with reasons instead of you.