Literature Essay Sample on Carrie

Carrie: A Formulaic Expression of Horror Genre. Support your ideas with citations and relevant arguments

literature-essay-sampleCarrie is one of the most noted thrilling masterpieces that is considered to be an important milestone in Stephen King’s work. Though the novel has been written quite a long time ago it is still breathtaking and never leaves you cold. But what makes it still be so attractive to the most experienced readers? Definitely the genre is one of the reasons. Horror literature always affects people, and King is for sure the master of it.
Carrie became a classical work of its type and it has all the elements every good horror story should possess. It induces the reader to feel all the emotions the genre is created for: fear, terror, loathing, and shock. The author sets up a really tense mystic atmosphere that makes you startle every now and then. What makes the whole thing even scarier is its realistic environment as the very situation seems absolutely possible to happen in real life.

literature-essay-sampleMost of us know what it means to be surrounded by annoying classmates, but in Carrie they turn out to be terrifying uncontrollable monsters able to do anything. Almost every character of the book is unpredictable so that the reader has practically no time to relax. Margaret White, Carrie’s mother, alone gives the shivers. Margaret’s obsession with the Almighty God and sins, which she finds almost in everything, turns out to be the central menace of the book as she is able to kill her only child because of it. “Show that if she had remained sinless the Curse of Blood never would have come on her” (King, 2011).
Besides some natural events the story also includes the paranormal designed to frighten the reader even more. It is Carrie herself who changes into the devil and, being out of control, kills almost everybody at the end of the book. The scene from Carrie’s senior prom is realized in the best horror traditions: lots of blood and fire. The very transformation from a sinless child into a bloodthirsty monster shows the picture of a horror tale in a contemporary world.
Concluding everything stated above, it will be reasonable enough to say that Carrie is a perfect example a typical horror story.

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