Marketing Essay Sample on Webinars

Are webinars a relevant marketing channel?

marketing-essay-sampleDigital media has opened up two-way communication opportunities that no one in business has experienced before. Offerings can now be discussed in group format through a webinar. There has been extensive discussion on the topic of the relevance of webinars as a marketing channel which has revealed some interesting insights.
Webinars are successful with offerings which require much explanation due to their complexity. For example, safety products require a high level of informational output before a purchasing decision due to the high compliance and technical nature of the products. As such, the webinar format allows in-depth information can be tailored to the audience’s needs.
When closer relationships with clients is necessary webinars prove a relevant marketing channel. In building the close relationships required by, for example, a long-term service agreement, a webinar can provide the social reassurance which can be crucial to a business relationship. Rose (2014) found marketers using webinars found benefits in the generation of opportunities and brand awareness, supporting the use of webinars.

marketing-essay-sampleHowever, it is difficult to determine a return on investment (ROI) of webinars and so this medium is mostly used in conjunction with multiple channels to aid a marketing campaign. Also, Molay’s (2009) survey reveals the perception that rewards of using webinars outweigh the costs only after a significant time. Suggesting that perhaps webinars may not be as relevant in terms of ROI as other marketing channels.
In conclusion, the webinar format this marketing channel has proved successful for highly technical offerings, or for relationship building is required between provider and client. Therefore, the webinar can be seen as a relevant marketing channel in today’s digital marketing campaign.

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