Religion Essay Example

How did religions become such a mass phenomena despite their lack of evidence of the supernatural or of an afterlife?

religion-essay-exampleThe complexity of the term «religion», its definition and interpretation became the main question explained in different types of scientific literature of religious studies, sociology, psychology and philosophy of religion. Religion is a complex multifaceted phenomenon than has become the main aim to stay alive for millions of people all over the world.

 Religious belief is not just about abstract intellectual argument; it also impinges on all aspects of human life (John Cottingham 2014). The main reason to live for many people is the meaning of life, so that, religion can include all the aspects of this meaning. The term “meaning” determines hope, love, peace, influence, philosophy etc. For each person this meaning is different, though the aspect is the same, even when man doubts it. Past and present religious atrocities have occurred not because we are evil, but because it is a fact of nature that the human species is, biologically, only partly rational (Christopher Hitchens 2007). Religion and its whole meaning gives happiness and strong belief in something, it contains aspects of clear and peaceful life, provides different peoples with options for better life even if it exists  or not.

Undoubtedly, religion gives a life, in which person can realize the importance of human being and the role of actions. Religion itself has proved that without it world is worse with all its danger and hopeless, with negative thoughts and empty hearts.
Raymond Cattell insisted that the more intelligent people would leave traditional religions and create spiritual religions that were more appreciative of the Universal Reality (Frederick Walborn 2014). That means that traditional rites and ideas of religion take the second place, but the first is free for the soul and behavior of the person.

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