The Best College Party Tips

Time in college is full of exams and classes, but don’t forget about your social life and have some fun! Parties in college are one of the most unforgettable things in life of most graduates. If you don’t like noisy parties, just try at least one; you’ll definitely like it! Organizing a party at college can be a bit challenging if you have never done so before. We made the following list of the most popular and interesting party ideas you can implement during your college times.

Fiesta Themed Party

The dress code for guests are Mexican attributes such as sombreros and ponchos. Turn on the mariachi music, make tequila shots and slice the lime.

Traffic Light Party

If you have a lot of single friends, this type of party will be a good choice. Every guest should wear red, yellow or green clothes, according to their relationship status. Red color means “taken”, yellow means person’s relationship status is complicated and green shows the person is single.

Black and White Party

One of the most popular party themes among celebrities are colored parties. The dress code is single-colored clothes of black or white colors. Make your room also look monochromic and play Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” several times during party night.

Karaoke Party

Nowadays, organizing a karaoke party doesn’t require a special karaoke machine and disks. All you need for a good party is a computer, Internet, lots of refreshments and some friends. Such kind of party definitely will be one to remember.

The Great Gatsby Party

Ask your friends to wear thematic outfits: elegant or flapper style gowns for woman and white shirts and bow ties for men. Play the soundtracks from the film over the night and pour champagne.

Masquerade Party

It’s one of the best time-tested party ideas. Your guests have an uncountable number of outfit ideas and you, in your turn, have a field of inspiration on how to organize the party. So, don’t be surprised if your party ends with the meeting of angel and demon.

Beach Party

If the beach is far away, but you need a bit of sunshine in your dark dorm room, you can bring the light into it! Bring some inflatable mattresses, put the beer into ice and tell your friends to come in swimming suits.

4 Seasons Party

To bring into the college party some fun, ask your guests to wear unseasonable clothes. Warm scarfs, skis and jackets in summer, or swimming costumes with flippers in December. Tropical cocktails and Pina Colada will warm up your guests.

Cartoons Party

A Snow White, Rapunzel, Avatar – let your friends pick one of any cartoon characters and dress accordingly. Or you may narrow the party theme to one cartoon or children story and stick to it.

Decades Party

Go back to the times of gangsters, ladies and hippies – the most popular decades for parties are 20’s, 60’s, 70’s and 90’s. The party dress code should correspond with the fashion trends of a particular period – e.g. shiny shirts and pants for men, and afro hairstyles and long earrings for women for the theme of 70’s.

Space and Science Fiction Party

This idea will be fun if your friends are fond of science fiction novels and films. The choice is huge, from the “Lord of the Rings” to “Star Trek”. Ak your guests to dress according to their favorite character.

This list is incomplete and you can choose any theme you want to create a really wild college party.



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