Use Our Expert Knowledge to Deal with the TOEFL

To complete it, you should know English on a high level and should be able to understand and communicate in English. If you receive a good score, the doors to American universities and different college courses will be opened to you.
Even if you are fluent in English, the following TOEFL tips will keep you active to do the best.

Phase 1 – Test Preparation

Surrounding yourself with English is one of the best working methods to learn the language, and this method may be applied to learning any language. Just add to your everyday routine such tips as follows:
Speaking and Listening. If you have decided to watch an English film or new TV series, turn them on in the original language. Turn on radio or podcasts that interest you with themes in English. Talk with your family and friends using English. Practice everywhere you can and you will feel more and more comfortable speaking a foreign language.
Reading Academic Texts. The TOEFL requires the skills of understanding and writing academic papers. So take several textbooks in English and try to write a summary about the text you have read.
Recording Your Speech. Use a Dictaphone to record yourself speaking in English. Then listen to it and ask a tutor or anyone who is good in English to comment on it and give advice.
Choose the Test Format. You have two variants: the test may be taken on paper or on the Internet. If you choose the second one, you should be good with typing in English.

Phase 2 – Before the Test

Assemble your bag with the required material. Usually, it is a form of identification with your name, registration number, signature and your photo.
Choose comfortable clothes to feel relaxed in the classroom. Don’t forget your watch.
Arrive early before the test. Don’t be late! It’s a high probability that you won’t be allowed to start the test if you are late.

Phase 3 – Taking the Test

Control the time. First answer the questions that take minimum of your time, and leave the hardest answers for the end.
– Be calm. Even the native speakers may make mistakes, so just write the test!