Writing an Essay in a Couple of Hours? Challenge Accepted!

We can answer – nothing is impossible! Even if you have procrastinated all the time to prepare the essay, but you have a little time before the deadline, you still have chances to write a professional essay!

So, what should you do for easy writing?

  1. Relax and keep calm. You should decrease the adrenalin from the information that the deadline is tomorrow and the only thing you have is a blank paper. So you need to focus on your work and concentrate your thoughts with the essay topic. Make some coffee or tea to wake up.
  2. Choose a topic that you are the most familiar about. After you choose the topic, make it narrow enough according to the requirements.
  3. Write an excellent thesis statement. Did you know that the 50% of an essay success depends on quality of thesis statement? The meaning of thesis statement is to keep you writing the topic and keep the research. Read some good articles on the related themes and try to understand the formula of the best thesis statement. Don’t forget to mark citations and quotes you use in your essay.
  4. Write the introduction. The other part of your essay that has a big value – is introduction. Make sure that the introduction reveals the topic of the paper and leads to the thesis statement.
  5. Start the research section. Make sure that you have looked through the recommended literature, this is the minimum of information you should process. Write down the appropriate citations and mark the source. If the time remain, you can pick a pair of other sources.
  6. Start the writing section. Write down all your thoughts on the paper. It will be better to organize them in a list or make a mind map. Don’t worry about the chaos, just write.
  7. Organize your writings in a logical order. Delete the unnecessary parts, add transitional words.
  8. Proofread your text. If you have any people that can help you with proofreading in this time of the day, it will be better to ask them to read the essay instead of you.