12 Tricks to Make Your Essay Longer

Have you written the essay but the number of pages are not enough? If you ran out of ideas, there are many ways to learn how to make an essay longer. However, before using these tips, too many words can turn your normal essay into a poor one. Always remember that the quantity in not necessarily quality.


  1. Check if there are special requirements about formatting the essay. You may do tricks with the font size, change periods, expand character spacing, or use footers. However, be careful, you can make your essay look worse.
  2. Don’t use contractions at all. Write “it is” instead of “it’s” and you will make your paper sound more formal. This skill will help you with the upper grades and university papers where contractions are prohibited.
  3. Write out in words the numbers under ten. In formal writing, it is obligatory and your essay becomes longer.
  4. Add more citations throughout the text. To write a good essay, you should support the evidence with quotations.
  5. Write additional examples to every idea and paragraph. Examples also add more support to the essay thesis.
  6. Give your text more impression if possible. This will show your profound interest about the essay topic. Pick a longer word instead of a shorter one; use the synonym dictionary to ease your searches,
  7. Check if your paragraphs have full structure. Every paragraph should contain the paragraph transition sentence, supporting evidence, topic sentence and a conclusion. You will be surprised that not every paragraph has these sentences and how much longer the essay becomes when they all are included.
  8. Try to find the arguments that arise around your topic. Make sure that you have written the positions of opposite sides of the essay and your responses to them.
  9. Reread your essay and check your introduction, body and conclusion. Does it fully reveal the theme? Think of adding information to any of paragraphs to make them look profound.
  10. Be descriptive as much as you can. Assume the reader doesn’t know anything about the topic and explain every idea.
  11. Add an illustration or graphic according to the topic. Be very careful, if you doubt, it will be better to consult your teacher.
  12. Place the bibliography paragraph on a separate page. Even if you have only a few citations, it will be better to place them in the bibliography anyway.