Secret Ways to Survive a Week in College Without Spending

An ability to save money is very useful in the everyday life of any student. Certainly it’s better not to face financial problems, but one day it can happen to anyone. To build financial independence in the future, you should start managing money during college. To save all your money without any spending is unreal, but you can set a goal with a certain time that you will be extremely cautious with your money. So is this challenge of living a week in college without money really possible? Check the following tips to save money in college.

Take into consideration that the experiment should be focused only on additional spending, as usually every student has mandatory spending such as for classes and housing.

Plan How to Get to the College Buildings

If you do not live on campus, think of alternative ways to get around. You can leave early and come to the university on foot; fresh morning air and physical activity will cheer you up. If you or your friend has a bicycle, try it as an alternative way of transport. In addition, you may use ride-sharing, the subway or take a bus to get to the college if your apartment is too far for walking.

Plan Your Week Ration

First, take a look at your pantry, cupboard and fridge to see the purveyance. Check the products you rarely use and add them to the menu for this week. However, if your shelves are empty, it is time to use imagination. If you are good at editing and proofreading, you may propose your services for dinner or meal credits. Search for events on campus or at home parties that provide snacks, drinks and food. Apart from the food, you will have an opportunity to learn something new and make new contacts.

Stop Spending Money on Habits

You might be used to having a latte in the coffee shop on your way to college. So forget about it for a week. You will see that you really do not need it and will notice that you sleep better and have a better mood. That energy boost that you have taken from the coffee, you can get from a workout at the college gym, jogging or just walking briskly in the park.

Think About Your Free Time with Imagination

You do not need money for spending for a good time. To have a fantastic time, check the events at your college, nearby museums, art galleries and plays that are free. You will have an interesting experience of meeting new people and spend time perfectly outside usual social circles without spending any money.

Spend Money on Education

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