40 Personal Essay Topics List

You have a lot of opportunities to write your personal essays during your life. From time to time it becomes very hard to find really interesting and touching topics to write about, as sometimes we think that we have nothing interesting in life to talk about. We often don’t mention simple things that have a big value. Get an inspiration after reading the following list of best essay topics!

  1. What path I’m going to choose in future?
  2. Is it important to live for money?
  3. I wish I could open a museum.
  4. What kind of person should be a teacher?
  5. My thoughts during my morning jogging.
  6. 5 books that had a big influence on my perception of the world.
  7. 5 books that had inspired me for a long time.
  8. Holiday customs in my family.
  9. My bad habits and why I can’t quit them.
  10. My household cares and how I help my mother.
  11. A visit to Sherlock Holmes Museum.
  12. How I understand the beauty.
  13. What can I do to save the Earth?
  14. My favorite school subject.
  15. My room is a reflection of my inner world.
  16. Why I am a vegetarian and a short story about my windowsill garden.
  17. Friends and their meaning in my life.
  18. The most unusual school day.
  19. Portrait of my favorite literary hero.
  20. History – my favorite subject (argumentative essay).
  21. My favorite song and associations I have when I hear it.
  22. What languages I want to learn and why.
  23. Reportage of my Sunday morning.
  24. Our apartments and my favorite places.
  25. Why I believe in signs.
  26. My relationship with the Internet.
  27. Reportage from my swimming competition.
  28. What is real friendship and best friends in my life.
  29. Science fiction and why I am so fond of it.
  30. The place I wish I could live in.
  31. My thoughts about ideal authority (utopia).
  32. Love letters and their meaning in my life.
  33. A trip though the US and unforgettable sightseen.
  34. My diary and what benefits it gives to me.
  35. The time I wish I could live in: Renaissance.
  36. My point of view about the image a creative person.
  37. What I think about the future of the Earth.
  38. What things should be invented to improve the quality of life?
  39. Things and people that make me feel happy.
  40. My understanding of the truth and a lie on personal experience.