40 Unique Psychology Essay Topics

Writing an essay is not easy,  for example, you may get lost in the variety of possible topics. Our team has created a list of the most interesting psychology topics to write about.

  1. John Nash as the embodiment of “the unique people” in society.
  2. What is self-knowledge?
  3. Factors that form a successful person.
  4. Loneliness: isolation or seclusion?
  5. Interrelation of generations: conflict and cooperation.
  6. Black sheep as a self-realized person.
  7. Psychological analysis of Cinderella.
  8. Communication: verbal and non-verbal components. Types of communication.
  9. The psychological aspect of the respiration process.
  10. Nature creates the human, but only society develops and forms a person.
  11. Are there distinctive features of female speech?
  12. Why do we need psychology?
  13. «Self-fulfilling prophecy» phenomenon.
  14. Accentuation nature as an explanatory principle of literary hero behavior.
  15. Personality development of human from the early days.
  16. Is it easy to be a 15-year-old girl?
  17. J. Watson. Developing the fear response. Experiments with little Albert.
  18. Indigo children. The new generation in modern society.
  19. Social and psychological adaptation of children that have experienced sexual violence and the role of social and psychological training in this process.
  20. Psychological support in formation of cognitive needs among preschoolers.
  21. Globalization as a reason that change employment relationships. Profession of psychologist in the context of globalization.
  22. Intellect – the ability of thinking and understanding.
  23. Catholic traditions of spiritual and moral formation person.
  24. Internal picture of the child’s aggression.
  25. Compatibility within couples. Compatibility levels and major problems at each level.
  26. Depression among women: impact on family life.
  27. Psychology of professional communication among law enforcement officers.
  28. Addictive behavior among adolescents (drug addiction and alcoholism).
  29. Accentuation nature as one of the prerequisites for deviant behavior.
  30. Risks in relationships with the opposite gender from the perspective of men.
  31. Bioenergetic analysis by Lowen.
  32. Interconnection of mental atmosphere in family and children’s mental development level.
  33. The types and role of emotions in human life.
  34. The impact of self-esteem on success at work.
  35. The impact of the social environment on the spiritual development.
  36. Gender stereotypes and family.
  37. Hyperactive behavior of preschoolers and its correction.
  38. Child psychology in the works of Antiquity, Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
  39. Emergence of neuroses among children depending on the family type.
  40. The value of games in overcoming emotional difficulties among preschoolers.