5 Useful Tips to Stay Motivated During School Work

Sometimes moments come when you are unmotivated and bored with writing assignments. Your brain screams “Enough! Give me a break!” Even if you honestly try to focus on writing, you may still feel this way. There are many reasons that kill your motivation and the recovery process may take effort and different approaches. So take a look at possible ways that may be right for you.

Think about Yourself

Our first tip may sound simple and banal: eat well and sleep enough. For sure this is no news, but students usually forget about such obvious things (we also were students once), and they dramatically decrease productivity.
If you can’t afford more time to sleep, you may practice better sleeping by analyzing your best hours for falling asleep and getting up.
To eat well, you should reconsider your food habits. Even if you don’t have enough money for healthy food, learn ways to make simple healthy dishes at home or propose to your roommate to cook together.

Review your Schedules

Organize doing your homework at hours when you are optimally concentrated and productive. Try to figure out during the day when you are most concentrated and change your schedule accordingly. This will help your writing essay skills. However, don’t expect that will work all day or night before exams; this method needs time for trial-and-error before you’ll understand the most comfortable time for work.
Change Learning Approaches
Before you start seeking new learning approaches, you should be confident that the topic or subject you study is really interesting for you. Every student has different learning styles, so if you’re stuck with your learning routine, try the following recommendations: change your working environment; find a group to learn with; try online courses.

Use Various Productivity Methods

Unfortunately, no productivity system fits all cases; however, if you are stuck with work, try different productivity methods until you find one that works. You don’t need to follow the method exactly; mix systems to make your own that works perfectly and easy. For example, you may use the famous Pomodoro technique: take a timer and set 25 minutes while you work through, when it rings you should take a short break and start again. Try different tricks to avoid wasting time on distracting things.

Identify Your Level of Burnout

If you have too many homework assignments from many classes, you may feel deeply unmotivated. It is time to think about burnout as a real problem. Burnout comes from different sources that make you exhausted at some point. Always analyze your activities in the burnout point of view: some sources are obvious and easy to eliminate; some will need a pinpoint to find where you might get burned. So, if you feel burned and overwhelmed with your studying, maybe you just need to have a break of
some sort.

To live in peace with your school time, you need to accept the fact that motivation always needs something new. Change productivity methods, sleep more, or try a new note taking system or learning style; just make a change. The hardest thing is to start; the other way will be much more simpler! So keep going, student!