50 Computer Science Topics for the Excellent Essay!

Our team has collected the most interesting computer science research topics for you to write a good essay!

1. The Convergence of Machine and Biological Intelligence
2. The Evolution of Silicon Technologies Toward Nanoscale
3. Living Labs for Pervasive Healthcare Research
4. The Future of E-infrastructures
5. Thingsonomy: Tackling Variety in Internet of Things Events
6. Code Hunt: Creating a Community With a Game
7. Security and Privacy Implications of Pervasive Memory Augmentation
8. Unique Games on the Hypercube
9. Human Computer Interactions
10. Design methods for the Future — Disruptive Technologies
11. Creation and Destruction of Hackerspaces
12. Design Methods for Creating a Gameplay
13. Development of Cursors and Pointers in a Game
14. Care and Support Interfaces Design
15. Smart Methods for Creating Home and Sustainability Frameworks
16. Mid Air Gestures – The essences
17. Energy Savings and Battery Life
18. Stylus and Touch Interaction
19. Enabling Interactive Performance
20. Navigating Video – New Methods

21. Improving the User Interface for People with Disabilities
22. Human-Robot Interaction
23. Understanding and Modeling Touch in Interfaces
24. Studying Exergames
25. Computer Vision in UX and Interaction
26. Telepresence and Video Communication
27. Designing and Creating Graphical User Interface
28. Using and Understanding Social Media
29. Interfaces for Changing Shapes
30. Multitouch Interaction – Code source
31. Body Sensing Applications
32. Telemedicine: the Ways of Use
33. The 3D Printing Technologies
34. Secure Ethernet and IoT Networks
35. The Technology of Scanning Objects with a Web Camera
36. Holograph – 3D Data Visualization
37. Reducing Risks of Using a Cloud Storage
38. SAP Innovations
39. Interaction of Cloud Computing with other Technologies
40. Algorithms of Biological Computation
41. Storage and Processing Large Data Volumes Technologies
42. Parallel Forecasting with ADMM
43. The Bitcoin Lightning Network
44. Forecasting Uncertainty in Electricity Smart Meter Data
45. A study of Pair Encodings: Predicate Encryption in prime order
46. Ford’s Future: An Automaker & Mobility Company
47. Automated quality control for mobile data collection
48. Value-Sensitive Design and Health Care in Africa
49. Tractable Probabilistic Knowledge Bases: Wikipedia and Beyond
50. Learning to Solve Arithmetic Word Problems with Verb Categorization

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