Unique Topics for a Compare and Contrast Essay

During the college life, every student deal with the assignment of writing a compare and contrast essay. We have made your life a bit easy by creating a list of unique and interesting topics for your future essay.

1. When people are happier — in war or peace?
2. The comparison of nature and industry.
3. How it’s better to live — with debts or without them?
4. Comparing the life with honor and dishonor.
5. The differences between depression and psychosis state.
6. The differences and similarities between impressionism and surrealism.
7. Compare the lifestyles of two famous writers from Russia and USA at the beginning of 20th century.
8. What life will be without love and how life transforms with love?
9. The differences between adults and kids.
10. The victory and defeat in the war.
11. What is more important – to love or to be loved?
12. Selfishness and altruism.
13. Vegetarian vs raw food diet.
14. Presidential system vs monarchy system.
15. Comparison between the Sherlock Holmes from the original book and BBC TV series.
16. Fifty Shades of Grey – comparison of book and the movie.
17. Compound bow vs classical bow.
18. Differences of curriculum vitae (CV) and a resume.
19. Buddhism and shintoism.
20. Easter in USA and other countries.
21. Orthodoxy church vs Catholic church.
22. Hydroelectricity power station vs nuclear power station.
23. The positive sides of loneliness and company.
24. Chinese and indian mythology.
25. Melon vs watermelon.
26. Snowboarding vs skiing.
27. Learning abroad vs learning at home.
28. Beginning a professional ladder with internship vs assistant.
29. Cowardice and treachery: are these terms can be similar?
30. To face your fate or to submit it?
31. Homeless animals vs pets.
32. Zoo vs safari.
33. Oscar vs BAFTA.
34. Actors in theater and actors in movies.
35. Printed advertisements vs TV advertisements.
36. Manga vs Anime.
37. Car vs bike.
38. Public transport vs personal transport.
39. History vs myths.
40. Islamic women vs european women rights.
41. Fantasy vs fiction.
42. English vs american english.
43. Inflation vs deflation.
44. Northern Korea vs Southern Korea.
45. Tea vs coffee.

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