Have Control over Your MBA Admission Essay

More than likely, most business schools will ask you to answer MBA essays questions, but this may differ from school-to-school. Some programs will require that you submit only one personal statement where you discuss your past experience and future goals. Meanwhile, others will ask you to answer to five or even more questions on different… Read More →

Buy Custom Essays and Fulfill Your Dream

Just imagine this situation: you are a really talented and enthusiastic student, majoring in physics, with a big dream to win the Nobel prize and do something good for the whole globe. You meet other requirements for your dream college except one—essay writing skills. It is no secret that your writing skills should be higher… Read More →

Sociology Essay Sample on Family

Prospects of Family Development in Modern Conditions Industrialization, the complexity of production processes, urbanization led to increased mobility of the population, the growth of personal freedom, the emancipation that complicates the ways of socialization, etc. In the modern world, there are several types of families. Modern Family has a tendency to minimization. The nuclear family… Read More →

Child Abuse Essay Sample

Not all children have a happy childhood. Orphans live in orphanages or worse – on the street. Children whose parents are alcoholics, drug addicts, and despots. The families that are below the poverty line and forced to send their children to work as soon as possible, as they can not ensure the elementary needs for… Read More →

Writing a Research Paper – Detailed Guide (Part 1)

This article is addressed primarily to students (undergraduates and even postgraduate students). It affects the perennial problem of presenting own thoughts in text form. Begin your writing with the following tips. Pick the topic Sounds absurd? Not at all. Properly selected and formulated topic determines the entire subsequent process of writing. Topic is very concise… Read More →

Violence Essay Sample

Ethical Difference of Violence and non-Violence in Society In modern world there is a place not only for embodiment the ideas of freedom and independence, implementation of democratic values and fundamental principles of liberalism, but also there is place for violation of these norms and disregard of human values. Different examples from history, economics, politics and… Read More →