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How Business-Consumer Relationships Are Like Marriage

business-essay-sampleAlthough that it is rarely ever spoken, business-consumer relationships are often like marriage. The reason for this is this consideration is because relationships in businesses are more important than anything in mind. The similarities in business are definitely in fact uncanny. For starters, whenever you are talking to a particular customer, you have to win them over. Sometimes, you can be smooth and they’re your best customers; other times, the process of winning them over can take time in order for that relationship to flourish. Secondly, it is more than important that you are able to relate to your customers and that you are able to understand them. Customers want to know that you understand them before they are ready to buy from you. Thirdly, nowadays, you have to build a relationship with your customer through social media channels. Customers want a relationship with the company that they are doing business with. I will further illustrate why the three aforementioned reasons of why business-consumer relationships are often uncannily similar to marriage.

Reason #1: Winning over Customers

business-essay-sampleAs aforementioned, you have to win your customers over. Much like romantic courting, you have to court your customers into buying from you. How you position yourself to attract which customers can be somewhat similar to how you attract your romantic partners. For example, if you are looking for just any customer then there’s a great chance that you will not have any customer. The same can be true for attracting a romantic partner: just any won’t do. However, if you structure your business to attract the customers who are seeking the most high-quality product that they can find, then the same can be said for your romantic partner courting. Usually, the customers who pay the higher premiums for quality are the best. This is one reason why business-consumer relationship are often similar to marriage.

Reason #2: Relating With Your Customer

business-essay-sampleFurthermore, the second reason is that you have to understand who your customers are. Before you start any business, the most important thing that you can do is to understand who your customers are: what do they go through on a day-by-day basis; why would they like to buy from you? These are very important reasons why you have to understand your customers. This can be applicably applied to romantic partners, you have to understand who you are in a relationship. This is beyond just having a conversation with them. The level of understanding your romantic partners includes understanding their faults and deciding whether or not to remain faithful in that relationship. There is no need for recklessness in not fully understanding who your customer is – just as there is no need for recklessness in not understanding your romantic partner is. Both reckless behavior have myriad destructive consequences.

Reason #3: Social Media

business-essay-sampleThirdly and finally, social media is another important testament to how business-consumer relationships are often like marriage. The reason for this is strictly because consumers want a relationship with their business now. Doing business with Joe’s Repair Shop has a warmer feeling than it does with a big conglomerate such as Microsoft. Consumers want to know more about your business – and it’s not just about the products that you sell. It’s about what the company stands for. This is at least what Millennials are looking for in a company. Companies are now understanding the importance of social media and are using much more usefully than they were back in 2004 or 2007. Much like a romantic relationship such as marriage, communication is also important in the modern business-consumer relationship.


As we draw this discussion to a close, it’s important to understand once again why business-consumer relationships are often like marriage. The first reason is that we are about to create winning methods for winning over customers. The second reason is that we have to fully understand who our customers – akin to understanding our romantic partners. The third and final reason is because with the advent of social media, businesses have to build a relationship with their fans and customers in order for them to do business with them. These are the three reasons why business-consumer relationship are akin to romantic partnerships such as marriage.

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