Tips for Better Ethical Dilemma Essay

Dilemma is a problem of choosing one of opposite solutions, when realization of one solution may destroy the other important one. We face ethical dilemmas every day, and we solve them with the principe of lesser evil. But the dilemmas of bigger range may work on other principles. The most common ethical dilemmas in business sphere are: professional ethics, employees’ rights, consumer safety, discrimination, codes of ethics and corruption.

1. Find the topic that fits the parameters to be an ethical dilemma and make sure that there is two or more variants of solving the problem. Describe the dilemma from the both sides and define contradictory solutions.
2. Give the information about the facts of problem and list your variants of choice. Give a description about positive and negative sides of every choice.
3. Check every variant asking the following ethical dilemma questions:
– Is it legal?
– Is it right?
– Is it helpful?
4. Choose the decision you think will fit the best the conflict situation.
5. Check the decision twice by asking questions like:
– How will I feel, if my family will know about my decision?
– How will I feel, if my decision will be posted in local press.
6. Write the conclusion to summarize the arguments that your decision will be the best resolution to the problem.

Basic Recommendations

– Gather information about the issue from different sides for a deep analysis.
– Analyze the ethical standards from different levels.
– After excluding unacceptable variants identify two solutions to the problem: preferred option and the least acceptable.
– When it is difficult to give ethical reasons, the decision may be guided by economic, social or technological rules.

Sample Ethical Dilemma Essay Case

You work in a startup or little company that suffer bad days and manager is standing on crossroads: continue running the company and take more loans or close and start a new business. He asks you for advice.
– If you will give the advice to close the business, manager will skip your advice and you will surely be in the list of outsiders.
– If you will give the advice to make anything to keep the business, the manager will listen to you (as he is waiting for such advice). And if he will loose all the money and his business, you will be angry on you for all the life.

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