Check New Ethical Dilemma Essay Topics!

Our team has created a list of new topics about ethics of relations, medicine, religion and even business ethics topics! Check them out:

Relationship and Reproduction

  • Problems in relationships between man and woman.
  • How to avoid aggression to family and friends.
  • The laws of love, the main problems of young lovers.
  • Change of terms “marriage” and “family” during the history.
  • The purpose of the marriage in the modern morality.
  • Problems of being egoistic among newlyweds.
  • Ethics of divorces in families with children and childfree.
  • Ethical side of contraception.
  • Sterilization: ethical and non-ethical sides.
  • Abortion in the aspect of moral attitude to human life.
  • Problems of artificial insemination in the attitude to the beginning of human life.

Science and Medicine

  • Problems of humane attitude of the scientist not only to the surrounding people, but for all living beings.
  • Morality of teaching and its manifestations in the work of the teacher.
  • Problems of plagiarism and authorship of scientific discoveries.
  • The ethics of medicine technisation and it’s influence on humans.
  • The ethic of transplantation organs from one human to another.
  • The production of genetic modified plants in the life of humans.
  • Judaism and ethical problems of medicine

Management and Law

  • Regulation of conflicts in big multinational companies.
  • Professional ethics of top management.
  • Terms of verbal and nonverbal feedback during a business conversation.
  • Business communication. How to bypass the critical moments in dispute.
  • Resolution of conflicts and contradictions in business communication.
  • Etiquette of leader and his authority among colleagues.
  • Moral bases of law enforcement employees activity.
  • The role of emotions in the workdays of law enforcement employees.
  • Place of good and evil in terms of ethics during training of police officers.


  • Religious ethics. The origin of morality in Buddhism.
  • Good and evil in the breaking of the eastern religions, ancient philosophy and Christianity.
  • The origin of clemency in Christianity and it’s transformation in the world today.
  • Problem of morality and religion in worlds history.
  • Transgender persons in prism of various religions.
  • Conflicts about polygamy (a.k.a. plural marriage) in religions.
  • Ethical side of religion in public schools.

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