Check out Simple and Effective Ways to Write an Essay

The most popular question every single student ask Google is how to write the best essay.
Our advice may sound not new for you, but we tried to gather the best advice that will help you with your essays of any kind.

  1. Pick the theme that you are really interested in. You will receive much more knowledge and satisfaction from writing the essay. Also your reader will more likely enjoy reading about this topic.
  2. Make a list of questions. The best way to start writing your essay, is to make a list of questions for each paragraph. You should think about the outline with questions. It will be much more easier to answer the questions than thinking about the statements that are better to write.
  3. Write your first draft. Just start answering the questions from the list you have already created. Add all the information you think is the most appropriate to your topic.
  4. Emphasis your introduction with a hook or simply interesting fact. Find something extremely interesting that will grab the readers attention.
  5. Every new point or paragraph should contain the following positions (SEE): statement, explanation and example.
  6. Pick the style for your essay and stick to it. Some recommendations you can read in our article about APA style.
  7. Make your conclusions as simple as you can. Preferably to add a creative note in the end, to make your work memorable.
  8. Find similar works. Find out what professionals write about the topic you have chosen. Look at their writing style, how they construct the essay. Choose the work you like the most and try to write your own paper in its style. The more you will read professional writings, the better will be your own writing.
  9. Don’t forget to reread your paper for several times. Involve your friends or relatives to help you with editing your work and correcting mistakes.¬†It will be more simple, if you answer the questions in the list below:

    – Have I answered on the question?

    – Is it essential that I have written? Have I made any mistakes?

    – Is my essay detailed enough?

    – Have I used right abbreviations?

    – Have I written enough linking words?

    – Have I presented enough examples and evidence?

    – Does my title still match the body of the essay?

    – Does the essay structure corresponds to the planned one?

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