What to Do if You Were Expelled from University?

Maybe the most tragic words the student may hear – “you are expelled.” This phrase looks like a condemnation and fortunately or not, the college problems end after this phrase.

Lets see the most often purposes to be expelled from college are:

  1. Poor academic progress. Teachers are people too, so they always try to meet and understand the students. However, the exams at the end of the semester will still need to be completed.
    It is important to know: if you didn’t pass an examination in three or more disciplines or academic debt is not resolved within the specified time, you surely will be expelled from the university.
  2. Systematic absences in the university. If a student is absent on classes for a long period of time, and after appearance does not provide an official document confirming his absence, it is considered absenteeism.
    So the absence in the university without a good reason for two weeks or more becomes a strong argument for further expulsion.
  3. Drunkenness and violation of internal regulations of the university. If a student systematically violates the university discipline and such behavior threatens the life and safety of other students, the dean’s office may forcibly expel this person as soon as possible.
    Drunkenness in most cases is the appearance at the University in a drunken or drugged state. That restriction applies not only for the university but student dormitories too.
  4. Exceeding the time-limit of the academic leave. If a student issued an academic leave, they must necessarily come to the university and to continue further studies after a specified period of time.

Surely, you could avoid your expulsion, but some reasons lead you to the point you are now. So, what you can do?

First, don’t panic! It’s not the end of your life.
The second, turn on your brain sources! You should understand, what situation has lead to this, if you haven’t understood it yet. Be honest to yourself.
Start thinking about new ways to boost your life – maybe the specialization you have chosen doesn’t really fit you? Think about the profession you were dreaming in a junior school. And if you will need another higher education – you should try harder this time.
If you are stuck and depressed, a new work may be a cure. Even working as a waiter in a cafe will give you some prospects and the time you spend on thinking about your future will last not in vain. Maybe you will meet your future employer here.
Our recommendation is simple – move on, don’t sit on one place for a long time. A person that works hard will always find a place on the Earth.

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