Child Abuse Essay Sample

Not all children have a happy childhood. Orphans live in orphanages or worse – on the street. Children whose parents are alcoholics, drug addicts, and despots. The families that are below the poverty line and forced to send their children to work as soon as possible, as they can not ensure the elementary needs for kids: food, clothing, entertainment. And children who have been abused – their carelessness is very difficult to return. There are millions of children in difficult circumstances on the Earth today, they had to say goodbye to childhood too early.

Children are the most unprotected members of the public relations. Therefore, a child depends on adults and needs support and protection of the family relationships within the family. Education of the young generation is a fundamental function of the family.

In modern society, children often do not experience the family protection, often go through a rough attitude and become a witness or victims of violence. It can be said that the rights and freedoms of the most vulnerable and unprotected members of society who absorb rudeness, cruelty and ignorance from adults, taking a negative example. In such cases, children form deviant behavior, therefore children and juvenile delinquency, homelessness is growing.

Depending on the predominant harm caused to the child, there are following forms of abuse:

  • physical violence (the harm caused to life or physical health);
  • psychological violence (the harm caused to mental health);
  • sexual abuse or depravity (disturbed psychosexual development);
  • neglect of basic needs (disturbed mental and physical development).

Thus, for children who have experienced domestic violence during childhood will not be bright, carefree, happy, and become a joyless existence, devoid of love, attention and care on the part of the top people in their lives. That is why the public should pay attention to this issue and not to gloss over it. To solve the problem of child abuse in the family, we need to consider and implement specific actions that targets specialists in various departments. However, violence – it is a social problem that should be solved not only by means of legal regulation, and changes in value orientations and the institution of the family, is the key to enabling the functioning of the individual child and the successful development of society and the state.