College Essay Sample – Interior Designer

Since childhood, parents prepare us for choosing future profession, but it also happens that you choose your profession without their advice. I was thinking about such important moment in my life for a long time. Probably the first thing that made me think to become a designer was a TV show about interesting design decision at home. It excited me so much that I couldn’t take my eyes from it. Since that time I live with confidence that a profession of interior designer is my vocation.

I think this profession needs great communicational skills, as you should meet a large number of people, listen to other opinions and find compromise. Also if you want to become a professional in certain field, you should learn and practice as much as you can. I think the profession of interior designer will always have demand, as everyone want to see their apartment, manor house, and even the cottage, not only beautiful, but also cozy. The walls should breathe with warmth and home should not only please the eyes, but also warm the soul.

This profession attracts me with artistic and creative sides. Since my years at art school, I have an exact feeling of a completely different world, when you go to work or study that is connected to art. You can think freely, open your mind and create what you love. But it’s not simple to succeed in this profession, you should work for days and nights to become a well-known designer. Even now I’m preparing for this activity: I study the works of other designers, read professional literature, to try myself in creating sketches and models. A spend most of my everyday leisure time on studying and I enjoy it! A bit of perseverance, creative spirit – and I’m sure that success is guaranteed!

Today there are multiple ways to get a degree of interior designer. Also there are various courses, where you can attend lectures, workshops, watch master classes. During a single project, designer appears in multiple roles – he has to be an architect, an artist and a builder. Designer usually renovate apartments and create a work of art in which you can relax after a long workday. Interior designers make lives of ordinary people more colorful and interesting.

I think that only people that are constantly working on projects, feel passionate about their profession and constantly coming up with new ideas – are the best teachers. That’s why I have chosen the New York School of Interior Design. And I dream to learn from masters and become a creative person to give beauty to people! Maybe I can make the world more beautiful?