Communist Russian Literature – Essay Sample

Communist Russian Literature

literature-essay-sampleIn the Russian society of the 20th century two main points of view existed: communist and non-communist. Having taken into consideration all major events of that time, such as The October Revolution, Civil War, World War II and a post-war time, literature put a light on the life from various sides. In my opinion, there were two possible ways for writers: to have the freedom of writing within the contemporary mode, otherwise get punished for their dissent.

literature-essay-sampleTo begin with, many individuals had a deep belief in the ruling regime and the possibilities of upcoming changes. Maxim Gorky, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Mikhail Sholohov, Alexander Fadeev became the principle figures and adopted their talents to the demands of the new system.  For instance, V. Mayakovsky wrote, “To accept or not to accept, there was no such question… That was my Revolution,”  showing how he embraced the Bolsheviks Russian Revolution wholeheartedly. A new trend towards the politicization of writers was strengthened. An example of this is M. Gorky, who was talking in his sketch about the value of Vladimir Lenin to the mankind and was appealing foreign leaders to protect the Russian Revolution.
In contrast, there was a “non-communist camp” with those, who did not follow the system.  To let people read Sergey Esenin’s poetry, according to the Communist Party, was like to let them believe in God. Later his poetry was forbidden and his readers were being prosecuted for decades. Furthermore, the satirical work by Mykhail Bulgakov “Dog’s heart” shows author’s bright idea that the Revolution appeared due to an unnatural, irresponsible experiment which could not have led to any good consequences.
Taking these points into consideration, I would say that the position of the Russian system was quite strict: to support those who were a means of propaganda and a good agitprop source, or not to let writers with a great influence on society speak their mind if it differed from the regime’s.


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