Sociology Essay Sample

Are Women Less Privileged In Today’s Society Than Men?

sociology-essay-sampleTo answer the question of whether women are less privileged in modern society than men, one needs to understand the notion of “gender equality” in terms of social, behavioral and cultural characteristics as well as norms and expectations regarding both genders. In order to understand whether women are currently faced with the problem of gender inequality, there is a need to investigate this problem from several perspectives.
First, the issue of gender equality is related to the well-being of men and women living in this or that community. Second, the privileges, priorities and needs of men and women may systematically differ. This is explained by the biological factors and embraced norms of social behavior. Third, gender related issues are interrelated with the differences in income and social class. All this leads to an assumption that gender equality can be regarded as the equality of opportunities.

sociology-essay-sample There are different viewpoints on this problem. Some studies indicate that today women have more opportunities so that there is little inequality in the contemporary society (Gneezy, Kenneth, & List, 2009). Some other studies are focused on the differences between men and women in terms of risk taking, social preferences and attitude to competition (Leonard, 2001). This means that women now have more privileges than in the past, and these privileges are in many cases adopted, rather than inherited. Today, women actively participate in social and political spheres of life and at the same time try to fulfill their family duties.
All this leads to a reasonable conclusion that women have acquired more privileges, but their inherent functions have not changed. To my mind, in today’s society women try to fulfill different roles at the same time. On the one hand, they have equal opportunities regarding education, social life, employment, politics and other spheres of life. On the other hand, women have to fulfill their duties at home because this is their inherent function. Thus, having acquired more privileges, women now have to cope with multiple tasks at a time. And it is doubtful that this is what women have been trying to achieve by struggling for gender equality.

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