Computer Science Essay Sample

 What Useful Computer Related Technical Skills Can Be Learned Within A Day?

computer-science-essay    Nowadays, the people hardly can imagine their life without a computer. Education, information exchange, financial problems, scientific researches, entertainment – all of these is almost always done by using the computers. It is clear, that to work with the computer, we need to have some skills, that are taught in the schools, at the universities, at work, or by self-educating. Some skills need much time to learn, but some of them can be learned within a day.
For example, you can learn how to assemble the computers only in one day. It may sound a little fantastic, but it’s true. It isn’t hard to bring the computer and the peripheral devices to the workstation and connect them with each other in a proper way. You could make a mistake while connecting PS/2 keyboard and mouse, or connect an external speaker into the Microphone connector – those are almost the only things that could go wrong.

computer-science-essay-sample A little harder is to assemble the inner parts of the system unit. There are more ways to make a mistake. But this skill also can be learned in one day – there also isn’t any hardness.
Almost the easiest skill to learn is turning on, turning off, restarting the computer – these skills maybe are the easiest to learn. Only a short explanation can be enough for remembering.
Another easy skill is starting and stopping the programs and working with some of them. For example – it is easy to open the document to work with, or to run any multimedia file, or to start a game. By the way, you can spend only a half of an hour to learn how to install the programs on the computer – almost all of them have very simple installers and their installation process can take only about 5 requests from the user.
There is also a very important skill – typing on the keyboard. For some people it can be not very easy, but there is a possibility to learn to type with the speed at least 15-30 symbols per minute during a day.
As you can see, anyone can learn almost all basic computer skills in a week, spending a day per each of them. There is also one interesting fact: if someone sees the computer at first time, it will be easier to learn to assemble the computer on the workstation, than to learn to type quickly on the keyboard.

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