Violence Essay Sample

Ethical Difference of Violence and
non-Violence in Society

In modern world there is a place not only for embodiment the ideas of freedom and independence, implementation of democratic values and fundamental principles of liberalism, but also there is place for violation of these norms and disregard of human values. Different examples from history, economics, politics and life situations has shown that violence and non-violence have a very close relationship, one begets the other, or one is consequence of the other. Thus, violence and non-violence can be interpreted at different levels and stages of one process.

Violence and non-violence as a method of compulsion or creation is inherent in any historical period. The importance of these concepts depend on what ethical standards guided humanity. For example, in ancient Sparta, the state controlled the children’s upbringing from the moment of their birth. Elders examined a newborn and only healthy babies were handed back to their fathers. Weak and sick children were exterminated, according to the tradition of throwing into chasm on Mount Taygetos. It was the way Spartans got rid of “bad blood” in the family. But nowadays attitude to sick children has changed dramatically. For example, if a newborn has weight over 500 grams, physicians can save the baby. Here, in the first case, children are objects of violence, and in second case – non-violence.

Historical personality, US President F.D. Roosevelt during his term was the initiator of violence and non-violence. American industry and commerce has shown an increased growth in twenties of the last century. However, the society had problems – the exhausted gold reserves of the country led to crisis in October 1929, that was called the “Great Depression.” Over two thousand of banks were bankrupts. In 1932, the Democratic Party headed by Roosevelt has won a presidential election. He offered the country a series of reforms, which he called “New Deal.” The reforms touched many aspects, such as the removal of gold from the public. For the first glance it may seem violence, and it is, but this solution increased the gold potential of the country and led to stabilization of the economy.

Nowadays, these two concepts have a significant relevance. The increase of violence is the dominant trend for the world, and is ahead of non-violent world principles. Wars, the artificial spread of diseases, economic defaults, devaluations, declining living standards rise frustration, anger, pessimism in society. Today the philosophy of non-violence has the most actual historical meaning. However, excessive liberalization (it can be regarded as an act of non-violence), the expansion of rights and freedoms of citizens, may lead to irreversible consequences, acts of violence and chaos.

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