Discover a New List of High School Persuasive Essay Topics!

persuasive-essay-topicsDoes the thought of a new assignment for a persuasive essay make you want to cry? Don’t worry, the following list may become your personal inspiration for an A-grade essay paper!

1. Should gays have the right to have an official family like others?
2. Should schools teach students how to overcome real future problems?
3. Should teachers wear uniforms?
4. Should all governmental schools make uniforms obligatory for students?
5. Should schools give free lunch to all students?
6. Should schools make days for students to clean the classrooms?
7. Should people who drink and drive lose their driving licenses forever?
8. Should medicines be allowed to be advertised on TV?
9. Should alcohol be sold any time of the day?
10. Should people be restricted to owning only one car per family?
11. Should nuclear weapons be allowed around the world?
12. Should colleges have another system of testing students?
13. Should homeless people around the US be fed by the government?
14. Should children be allowed to work?
15. Should teens be allowed to take marriage?
16. Should age restrictions for TV be removed?
17. Should abortions become legal in all US states?
18. Should sexual education become a course in every school?
19. Should religion classes take place in schools?
20. Should people that plan to have children pass special tests?
21. Should celebrities be punished for inappropriate behavior?
22. Should big people have to pay for two seats in cinemas and on planes?
23. Should US cities organize a bike renting program?
24. Should stores be allowed to sell GMO products to people?
25. Should medical centers and hospitals offer fast food like McDonald’s?
26. Should schools and universities offer free public WiFi?
27. Should elder people have free passes on public transportation?
28. Should electronic books replace paper textbooks in schools and colleges?
29. Should school dining rooms offer only healthy balanced lunches?
30. Should Coca-Cola be banned for sale to children?
31. Should girls be educated separately from boys?
32. Should the US government provide a free medical system?
33. Should hackers be severely punished?
34. Should the US government stop all military actions outside the country?
35. Should the death penalty be banned?
36. Should information on the Internet be strictly censored?
37. Should families that have only one child adopt another one from an orphanage?
38. Should students use cellphones during classes?
39. Should students caught in plagiarism be expelled from school/college?
40. Should doctors have the right to assist suicides in case of terminally ill patients?

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