Education Startups Which Radically Change Education

Nowadays, technology affects every aspect of our lives. Look at how everything is different from a decade ago, from reading and studying, to the way we make purchases and communicate. Currently, education is facing an exceptional technological transformation. The education field has a lot of potential for growth in the digital market. Moreover, investment in the sector of education startups has tripled during the past ten years, amounting to $500 million this year. Advances in education are changing the way students interact with each other and their instructors, and professors, the same as is happening in the whole studying process. The best education startups, which have changed the studying process and boosted their performance, are represented below.

Education Startups Which Radically Change Education


At this website, teachers can upload time-limited videos to get a feedback from other teachers. All videos placed on the site are private, and users can choose who can see a video and evaluate it.


It is an online instrument that is very popular among students, teachers and tutors. With this online service, the process of academic writing becomes much easier, allowing users to constantly provide the required referencing format.

It offers the APA, MPLA and Chicago referencing format tool that is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is just select the needed format and document type, complete a simple form, click on the “add” button and download the correctly formatted file.

This website was created for the student’s audience. It can be used as an academic writing help instrument in the writing of essays, research papers and dissertations of any difficulty. If you want to write texts more effectively, then is definitely for you.


This is an online tutoring platform for teachers and students. It boasts a dashboard, special scheduling system and other tools. This platform is not very popular now, but is promising.


It is a learning website that is based on Pinterest features. It allows teachers to find and share studying resources, on their own learning boards. They can use different sources like YouTube and GoogleDocs to share content. So, you get an attractive all-in-one board that induces students’ learning.

Collaboration of Pearson, Barnes & Noble and Microsoft

These three famous brands lately declared collaboration, which analysts called the “online education dream team”.  Pearson invested $90 million dollars into the NOOK e-reader that will be created by Barnes& Noble. Microsoft decided to invest $350 million. Analysts believe that their collaboration will significantly influence online education.


It is one of the most successful startups of the year. The University of Western Australia decided to be a partner in this project. This site joined various studying techniques into an efficient technological environment that induces students’ learning. Colleges and universities can use this website to share lectures with students.

Today’s technological environment has made it easier to teach and study. Students can organize their own studying process and cooperate with teachers, with the help modern online tools. Educational development is an infinite process that cannot be stopped. We have experienced many interesting startups, and we will certainly witness the positive effects of innovative studying provided by online tools.