English Essay Sample

Is there any Place for Angels between People?

The story of the Colombian writer Rafael Garcia Marquez “The old man with wings” depicts a small town – a bleak gray place. Mud, rain, clams, which are rotting on the banks all around. And one day an angel comes to the poor inhabitants of a direlict town. This angel was very difficult to recognize. He was not a perfect heavenly creature with white wings. An angel was similar to the impoverished shabby old man with hawk wings. He appears in the family that is very poor – Pelayo and his wife Elisenda. Their little son has just drawn his first breath. No one understands why they need an angel. No one even knew that this sick old man with dirty wings, who sits in the corner, along with chickens is an angel.

This unnamed town that lives its own life, could be anywhere else. A crowd appears every time when something incomprehensible appears in the land and an angel was not an exception. People from the town fed angel like an animal in a zoo, threw stones, pulled out feathers, even burned him with a sizzling hot piece of iron. Greedy for everything people left this gifted miracle as soon as another spectacle appeared in their land – a circus of the Spider Woman. The crowd don’t care about what to look at, they just need to entertain their monotonous worthless life.

The couple that settled an angel in the courtyard used their chance: they began to sell tickets to view the angel and they built a two-storied house on the collected money. Later, the family was so tired from an angel and Elisenda said that life in a place full of angels was a torture! Lonely old man, a sick angel with dirty wings without feathers, has no sympathy and love but only curiosity. He could not fly anywhere. But when the nature recovered, also recovered an angel. Recovered – and flew away. No one in this town did not understand why the angel appeared in their place. A person that is totally engaged in daily chores, may not notice the miracle that lives next to him. He does not think about high and spiritual. Angel – is the messenger of God. He flew in this dirty city, to remind all the people that there is something more important than the daily hassle, entertainment and money. There is a God, love for the neighbor, compassion and mercy.