Example of Compare and Contrast Essay on Leadership

Leadership and Management

The leader is one who goes in a new direction or passes a familiar way the best way possible and engages others in this process.

What is “management” and who is the manager? Manager – a person that is entitled to distribute powers between subordinates and has the right to inspect and monitor their actions. Managers behavior usually depends on the chosen management style that includes variety of approaches to personnel management. So, we can identify the types of management:

Directory management style. According to this style, managers make all decisions on their own and practically does not listen to subordinates. Initiative is not encouraged. Fines are imposed in case of mistakes or deviations from duties. Business interests and personal approaches to work are above the interests of employees. This style tends to reduce the staff independence and initiative. Usually the atmosphere in the workplace is very uncertain and tense.

The democratic management style. Management is based on mutual understanding with subordinate staff. Relationships with employees are based on requests; orders and instructions are minimized. Exists a system of encouragement: various prizes, titles etc.

The liberal management style. Such management style usually take place in the creative teams, where any employee takes the initiative and original approach to the task. Manager rarely intervenes the work of subordinates.

About leadership. It is often a psychological (individual) approach, not an appointed person. It is a person who is interested in the implementation of the company’s interests. Management is not the main goal, as leader is able to go forward and lead the others. Sometimes, person does not realize that he is a leader, he has especial character traits or original charisma that inspire confidence and the desire to go along with him.

Leader and manager – what are the differences? Managers usually put subordination on priority place. Every subordinate should be respectful to superiors. For manager, subordinates are employees that are performing their duties. For leader, a very important point is an emotional state of team. Paying attention to each team member, he is trying to find a different approach to each employee, causing a feeling that stimulates them to solve problems. Building relationship on trust, motivating by example, recognizing the successes, the leaders show that each member of the team is unique.

It should be said about their similarities – leader and manager. The most important similarity, both persons are aimed on encouraging staff to solve problems and monitoring their implementation. Leader uses psychological influence and example, and the manager uses the help of established roles and regulations (orders, directives, etc.).

A perfect manager has leadership qualities. His team will have mutual understanding and friendly atmosphere, and everything will be under control. Such manager will be an object of imitation and a kind of friend to every employee.