Example of Research Paper on Abortion 

Lots of articles, researches, books, movies and commercials appear every year. These works present abortion as an undoubted murder of unborn human with all its consequences. Conceiving means emergence, and in case of pregnancy, conceiving is the appearance of new life. And if the act has occurred, then any interruption will mean the murder. But such reason does not stop people.

From the point of any religion, abortion – is a sin. The Lord called a human to work, called Adam to multiply and replenish the earth. And some people go against God: do not want to work, and make savings due to the murder of their own children. Almost there is no family that have never faced the idea of make an abortion. Every child, in addition to the joy (a child is always a joy) – is also a work and responsibility. And no one wants to work hard and take responsibility, so, of course, easier to kill.

Unborn child feels the pain as well as born. Today it is widely recognized and proved scientifically. A 7-week baby turns his head away from the source of pain as well as in all other stages of life. At 11 weeks, not only the face but also all baby’s hands and feet become sensitive
to touch. By the 13th week, response to pain occurs at all levels of the nervous system. Science says that the unborn child can not be considered as a part of mother’s body. The child, no matter how small it is, is a separate person; a human’s life does not begin at birth, but from the moment of conception. While in the womb, a 4 weeks’ child has already own nervous system, blood does not mix with the mother’s blood, has a character and facial features. Child can feel the love of mother and hear the sounds. Abortion – was considered as a murder in the laws of all countries until the second half of the XX century.

Abortion also is an attempt of suicide. Medicine says that death is the likely outcome for the woman who had an abortion. Abortion, in addition, may affect the health of future children or lead to infertility. Every person has rights, but to my mind, no one has the right to kill.