Guaranteed Tips to Find a Job on Campus

One way of finding financial independence or just looking for extra money is to take a job on the college campus. It may be a good opportunity – you don’t need to spend time and money to get to the work. College usually has enough places to work around: libraries, classes, extracurricular activities, and administration. In college, it will be easier to keep a balance between work and education. Usually, campus employers understand students’ problems and try to meet their needs.

You can easily find a campus job with the following useful tips.

  1. Think of the place you would like to work at. If you already have work experience, maybe you should try the job you know. Alternatively, maybe you are good at sports and can be a fitness instructor. On the other hand, maybe you can make tasty coffee, so you can be a barista in a college coffee shop. Think of possible variants according to your skills.
  2. Create a good resume. Don’t think that campus jobs don’t require a resume. If you are looking for a good position with further career opportunities, you should create a strong cover letter and resume.
  3. Monitor the job boards. Usually, colleges have an Internet database with vacancies available. Some of them have a special site dedicated to the campus job offerings. Sign up for the jobs newsletter, if available so that you are kept up-to-date on job openings. Moreover, don’t forget about real cork boards that hang in dormitories and dining halls; there, you may happen to find a good job offer from a flyer.
  4. Ask you friends who work on campus. It’s not strange to ask them how they got his job. Maybe they can recommend you to a supervisor or manager or turn in your resume when a vacancy is opened. Use any opportunity to make a step closer for a job on campus.
  5. Build a good relationship with tutors. If you have a reputation of being a good student, you may ask a professor about a job in their department or propose your candidacy as a teaching assistant, for example.
  6. Hand out the flyers. If you have strong skills in a concrete subject, you can give personal classes. Make your talents work for you and make a little advertisement by leaving flyers on boards or just giving them to people.
  7. Think about job benefits. Some job positions on campus give benefits such as free housing or free dinners. Keep your eyes opened and don’t miss a stellar position.
  8. Sign up for job searching sites. Some positions, such as campus ambassadors, are not proposed by the college. Different companies from Google to Greenpeace hire students to distribute their flyers or spread information about their services or products.