How to Live in Peace with a Roommate

If you decided to live with a roommate during your college years, you should remember some important moments. The main thing you should do is make a list of rules at the very beginning of the year. There are a few basic moments that can be applied nearly in any situation between roommates. If you do not know where to start, read our list below. You can hang the roommate rules on the door, talk about them with the roommate, or just send an email.

1. Cleaning the bathroom after using. Getting up early in the morning is a difficult and usually unpleasant action. In addition, it will be a bad surprise to find the bathroom dirty and nasty when you want to get yourself ready. Therefore, you should keep the bathroom in order to keep peace.

Basic list for cleaning the bathroom:

  • Pick up clothes, towels and washcloths;
  • Remove the toothpaste, hair or any dirt from the sink and shower area;
  • Keep personal items in order;
  • Wipe the floor from water;
  • Get the bathroom should be ready for the next person.

2. Don’t use the roommate’s items without permission. Your roommate likely will not tell you anything if you will eat one of his apples or drink some milk from his bottle. However, if you eat all his snacks he may become upset with you. For things like clothes or technical devices, always ask for permission to use them. Even if your roommate has a thousand times allowed you to have it, still ask. Take into consideration that temperance and attentiveness are keys to peacefully living side by side.

3. Do not allow guests to stay more than an agreed upon time. Guests in college rooms are usual practice. However, would you like to have guests for a couple of nights? Or would you like to have long-term guests? This can be a problem. If one of your guests is going to stay at night or more, be sure to discuss it with your roommate. In addition, agree about the areas of usage. For example, if your girlfriend is allowed to leave her items in bathroom, that might upset the roommate. You should understand that the room is not only your territory and your guests should act according to the situation.

4. Inform the roommate about guests in advance. Meeting a stranger in the room may be quite surprisingly unpleasant, even if he has been invited here. If you don’t want to see a guest in a room when you come out from the bathroom with a towel on, discuss this with your roommate. You can send a text message or email to let the roommate know about the guests and the time when they will arrive.

5. Don’t post any information about the roommate on social media without permission. Do not post any nasty pictures of your roommate and do not say anything that you cannot say at face to face. Respect your roommate and try to make a normal relationship with him on the Internet too.