How to Find Money for Studying in US (Part 2)

How to Find Money for Studying in US p2

Having a wish to gain a grant scholarship may become a big deal for you. Take into consideration that requirements differ from one organization to another. You should collect a big amount of documents, and if the documental package is not complete, it won’t be considered by the fund. The main document you will need to gain a grant – a completed standard form. You can find it on the website or send an e-mail request.

Another important paper that you will need is a banking form. It should confirm that you can’t pay the tuition fees. If you are unemployed, it may be a document about income of your parents, or if you are employed– a document about your income from employer.

Besides, organizations require a document that confirms your school education and it’s certified copy, transcript, test results (e.g., TOEFL) and recommendations. Some organizations require some essays on themes like “Why I want to get an education,” “My life purposes,” “My future career plans,” etc.

Also you may answer some questions like your favorite book or the person who had a great influence on your perspective on life. Generally, the aim of such questions is to determine your personal qualities, where you want to make a career and why, etc. It is also important how you express your thoughts.

Pay attention, some funds that give scholarships to students, require money for the form that you must send to take part in the program. The price of this document may vary from 25 to 45 dollars. So find out, whether it is necessary to pay for the form before sending a request.

The administration of every educational establishment adhere the principle of social justice. So, if you received a scholarship from one foundation, you may not be provided for the following years. In any case, every college has it’s own policy and it will be better to find out details about financial aid for international students. Many colleges give scholarships to non residents only on condition of excellent performance. Your other achievements may also be taken into account: academic and other awards, acknowledgments, achievements in music or sports, social activities.

So if your goal is grant scholarship in US, you should experiment with all possible variants. Be active and surely you will succeed.