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MARKETING ESSAY: Effective Promotional Tools Under $1

marketing-essay-sampleAll organizations are needed to promote their brand and products in different ways; one of most famous ways of such promotion is giveaways and freebies distribution to targeted customers. According to  Rudzki et al (2007) freebies are provided by company for  Brand building, Income generation, Government legislation and Information gathering. When it comes to giveaways and freebie distribution companies want to keep each item price as less as possible and its impact as effective as possible. as suggested by chartered institute of Marketing (2009) Some time choosing such products are based on the business they want to promote like if it is pediatrician clinic this products can be drawing book, coloring it etc., but if the target market is professional it can be mouse pad, pen, water bottle etc.. There are many websites (Motivator, Garrettes Specialties, quality logo product) who are selling such products. So here is the list of best promotional products under $1 and they are best as they are most effective products in the range

marketing-essay-sampleClock & Watches: This can be one of the most effective product as this is clock or watch which a person need to look at  many times a day so it not when one get it but every day every time person see the watch they will remember companies name.

Computer Accessories: If target market are professionals computer accessories can be best product, these product can be screen guard, screen cleaner, keyboard cleaning brush, mouse pad, adhesive sticky notepads etc., it is best for professional as they are spending most of their time on computer.

Sporty stuff: If target market is young students, athletes, sport lovers or teenagers than right choice is some sporty stuff like rubberized sunglasses, clinch up backpack, gym water bottle etc.

Most Popular and Common Products: Some most popular and common products for promotion which are effective for any kind of audience are customized company name and logo encrypted Pen, Cap,  Tote bags, stress ball, calendars etc.
To conclude there are many promotional products which are available under $1 but which is best suited and most effective is based on the company’s target audience so company should choose product on the basis of target audience or common product can be effective for any market.

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