Marketing Essay Sample on Advertising

What Is The Secret Trick In Advertising That Always Works?

marketing-essay-sampleThere are many advertising techniques used to entice consumers to use products and services. One trick is ultimately responsible for capturing the human psyche every time.  Emotional appeal when effectively created, evokes a sense of ‘feeling right.’ There is no better way to direct the attention of a target market to a brand; than encouraging them to feel joy, love, laughter, sympathy, or fulfillment toward that brand’s message.
How do we create opportunities for potential customers to put their guards aside and trust the facts of a brand we stand behind? Consider some points Ken Orwig expressed when comparing emotional and rational appeal. Orwig (2015) observes that rational thinking is an overlay on the primal tongue that continues to influence our decisions and behavior: “It communicates through design and color. Motion and stagecraft. Music and tonality. While the rational mind acts on logical relationships, the primal mind seeks symbolic relationships” (p. 1).

marketing-essay-sampleThere are several examples of ads that convey symbolic relationship traits simply and subtly. According to Mike Schoultz of Digital Spark Marketing one such example of these symbolic relationships are accounted for in a Samsung Galaxy S4 advertisement. There is no talking and the coordinated music is by design an emotional element reflecting what viewers see with what they hear. “People expect and prefer coordinated audio and visual messages because those messages are easier to process, feel, and understand” (Schoultz, 2013).
“People in general seem to think, feel about, react to, and evaluate products or business institutions by creating images of them” (Weir, p. 83). Walter Weir was a member of the American Academy of Advertising and had a lifetime of experiences in the Advertising industry. Take for example a 2-minute ad for the Chrysler Dodge Ram with the sound bite “I need a caretaker. So God made a farmer.” There is a powerful message for a target market to give them a feeling with what they are buying when they pick a Dodge Ram. The final message left with the audience is “to the farmer in all of us.”
Emotional appeal speaks to the brain directly. It effectively reaches the heart of the matter. The trick is to improve the use of emotional appeal so you may persuade a broader audience. It results in  because it creates brand uniqueness; and that makes for championship advertising that works every time.

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