Clothes Designer. A Guide for Success.

Clothes designer (or couturier) is a profession that never fades through the time. However, lets a look at the stories of couturier that are famous and have already achieved success, you will see that their way was not simple as it seems at the first sight. For example, some of them hasn’t ended fashion design universities, some worked in another field before they start working in the fashion industry and some has sewed his last dress at school.

Fashion industry is a very demanding area with high competition, criticism and breakneck speed. At the same time it is incredibly fascinating and tempting. Our advice for those who are willing to become a fashion designer and link their lives with fashion:

1st Advice

Define goals and realize where you see yourself after graduation. choice will determine the college and influence your time and finance expenses. The fashion industry has a lot of different positions that are interesting in their own way. Besides of couturier (which includes not only male or female orientation, but also for children, sports, outerwear, evening wear, etc.) Also there are positions of print designer, textile designer, fashion illustrator, stylist and others.

23163-NUEKD12nd Advice

If you clearly feel your talent, have interested in needlework since childhood and visited some dressmaking courses, the next step before getting the degree is internship.
Internship may be at fashion house, design studio or atelier at very last. This step allows you to feel the essence of the work, try the profession on your own and understand it’s the suitability. In addition, internship will give you practical skills. Strive to be around and learn from the best professionals their field. Spend a half of the year as a minimum to understand your possibilities and avoid making the biggest mistake in your life.

3rd Advice

After the traineeship you can start looking for the high school, it all depends on your abilities. Saint Martins is a good choice, but has low availability. There are many alternatives are many: Istituto Marangoni, Istituto Europeo di Design, Parsons, British Higher School of Design, etc. The list is endless, in Europe and US have dozens of private colleges offering specialized education.

23121-NUCN3O4th Advice

It’s very useful to take part in various fashion competitions for young designers like: International Woolmark Prize, CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, etc. Write down the list of the most significant events of the year that you should to take part in. Contests not only allow to feel the competition, but also to meet with the experts and get an objective criticism.

5th Advice

Generally speaking, the most important thing for every designer is to feel and perfect his own style. Only in this case the product can become recognizable and competitive. In order to find your own style you should constantly looking for: new knowledge, experience, people and emotional turmoil. A set of tools is very individual, so start finding your own inspirations right now.

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